Medical Certificate

MCI recommendations regarding issuing  medical certificate. 
1. Never give it for more than 15 days. 
2. See PT again after 15 days and re issue. 
3. Even in repeat case’s, make sure that he or she  are the patient , identyfy the pt. By photo I. D. Card , and then issue. Not to the attendants. 
3. Avoid issuing certificate for diseases which you are not treating / or trained to treat. (Other Disciplines)
4. Describe the disability at best as you can even if you don’t know how to grade it. 

*It is a legal document*
Even if you print otherwise, it is admissible in court & *you can’t say , ” that it was not intended for legal purposes”*
6. Certificate must address a particular person….”like Principal of school, employer etc. 
Don’t write whomsoever it may concern.
7. Never give from back date
8. Never give without your        OPD days.
9. Never give fitness on advanced date or back date.
10. Never give fitness, if Rest given by somebody else.
11. Give if you can justify the

      The disease or ailment       and duration also for that particular diseas.
12. If there is no disease, then always ask purpose why are you want to take medical, then only give 2- 3 days If someone’s family member in severe life threatening to attending him on humanity ground, pl veryfy it before giving, because opinion  can differ person to person.
13.  Physical, presence is must because pt. May be at abroad or heavenly never write down PNB.

14. You are responsible class one gazatted officer verifying the physical presence and attendance legally and valid document in court to to justify the presence  and absence of accused and deceased at the scene of crime.