Doctor’s view of LOVE

Doctors view for LOVE

1) Psychiatric ==   Love is just like coin. .one side mania other side depression                    

  2) Physician  ==   Love is like heart beat only atrium(she)  and ventrical(he) should trust …..                 

3) Surgery ==      Love is like laparotomy easy to open but difficult to close….     

4)   opthalmologist ==   Love is just like clear pupil smooth and delicate   but small misunderstanding can make cataract

5) Radiologist == Love is like plain X ray simple and transparent

6) Gynaecologist ==   Love is like full term pregnancy having sweet sweet memories inside. …..
7) Orthopaedic ==  Love is like vertical bone always support the life but emotional trauma makes fracture. ….

8) Anaesthetist ==  Love is like short GA shows  the person sweet dreams. …..

9) Microbiologist ==  Bacteria of Love is dangerous than virus, no  antibiotic can have sensitivity

10) Paediatrician ==   Love is like new born baby, pure & delicate expecting only  milk & care,  but one careless lead to malnutrition

11) Forensic medicine expert  ==  Love is like spiritual and natural power, nobody can do its postmortem. …..

12) Pharmacologist ==  Love is like a drug always cures the disease but too much dose shows the side effects.
13) Physiotherapist == Love is like SWD’s deep tissue heating,, too much heat can damage the tissue.