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Doctor’s wife

When I became a Doctor’s wife

All the Romance went out of my life.

When,there is a crescent moonlit night

It reminds him of falcifarum gametocyte.

If I hold his hand with sudden impulse

He thinks I want to check his pulse.

Once on his shoulder I put my head

“Do you have torticollis?” worried, he said

When my face flushes with pleasure

He rushes to check my blood pressure.

“My eyes stare at your handsome face” I tease

He thinks I suffer from Graves Disease

When on his lap I put feet of mine

He tries to elicit the Babinsky’s sign

When I dress up and ask his opinion

“Consious cooperative,well oriented”is his decision

Yess, full of diseases is this poor life

When you become A doctor’s wife

Veterinary Doctor

A doctor became sick…
He consulted many friends in Multi Specialty Hospitals 🏥… Still he couldn’t get cured…
He was sad…

Then his wife 👩advised him “Why don’t you consult a Veterinary doctor?”

He was shocked 😨😳…
He screamed at her… “Are you mad… ?” 😡

She spoke softly… “Nothing happened to me…. It is you having a problem… You wake up early in the morning 🌞 like a Cock 🐔, take half bath like a Crow 🐧 , eat something like a Monkey 🐒, then run to hospital like a Race Horse 🐴🐎, you work like a Donkey 🐺, there you talk sweet with patients & scream at your juniors like a Wild Bear 🐻, evening 🌝 you reach home and bark at us like a Dog 🐕, then you eat like a Crocodile 🐊, 🌚 you go to bed and sleep like a Buffalo 🐃.. immediately preparing for emergency call
That’s the reason why I asked you to meet a Veterinary doctor…”

The doctor just sat there shocked looking at his wife.. 😳

Wife asked him, “Now why are looking at me like an Owl…?”