Evidence Based Medicine – Joke

​_*Evidence Based Medicine?*_
Put ice into a glass of water,

the ice floats..

It’s called observational study..
Press the ice down,

and it comes up again..

It’s called experimental study..
Randomize ice and stones,

double blind,and put in two glasses, ice only floats..

This is called RCT..
Metaanalyse all the experiments done with ice and water in the world..

Its called Cochrane data base..
Submit your ice experiments in a conference..

It’s called free paper presentation..
Publish your ice experiments

In a reputed journal..

It’s called _Evidence_..
Put ice in a glass of Vodka,

add a squeeze of lime, little sugar syrup to blunt the stench and savor it..
It’s called _*Evidence Based Medicine*_..
Let’s practice it!!


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