Medical Jokes

Anaesthesia practical examination in some college in north India
(Based on real facts will little masala)

Scene 1
Examiner – How will you manage a case of elderly primi with eclampsia in labour?

Candidate 1- sir, I will cancel the case, I will ask them to refer the patient to medicine for the management of hypertension

Examiner – good, you are passed

Scene 2
Examiner – A patient is referred from casualty with OP poisoning, how will you manage

Candidate 2 – sir, I will tell the referring doctor that the ventilator is not working and I will refuse to take up the case as without it we can’t manage the case

Examiner – very good. U r passed


Scene 3

Examiner- How will u manage a case of appendicitis with fever

Candidate 3 – sir, I will cancel the case as the patient is having fever

Examiner – good. You are passed

Scene 4

Examiner – how will u manage a case of compound fracture femur when patient is in shock

Candidate 4 – sir as such cases are managed conservatively with debridement and slab application, I will ask the ortho doc to do the same

Examiner – good, u r passed

Scene 5

Examiner – how will you manage a case of cholelithiasis with no complication
posted for elective cholecystectomy

Candidate 5 – sir, I will cancel the case

Examiner – very good, u r passed

Scene 6

Examiner – how will u manage a case of non functioning right kidney posted for nephrectomy with all normal parameters

Candidate 6- sir, I will cancel the case

Examiner- good, u r also passed

Scene 7

Examiner – how will u counsel a patient with uncontrolled hypertension posted for hysterectomy about the risks involved in surgery? How will u explain her that u can’t give anaesthesia for her?

Candidate 7- sir I will write “posted provisionally” on her case paper, I will give all the required drug list, I will make her buy all the medicine, I will make her mentally, physically and economically prepare for the surgery. And on the day of surgery I will let their consultant explain her that the surgery is cancelled 😈

Examiner- excellent, u are also passed

Scene 8

Examiner- how will u….
Candidate 8 – (even before completing the question) sir, I will
Cancel the case

Examiner- excellent!! U r the topper πŸ˜‚

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