CPR Guidelines – Adults

AHA CPR Guidelines 2010

NOTE: Sequence has changed from airway, breathing, chest compressions (ABC) to chest compressions, airway, breathing (CAB) per the 2010 AHA Guidelines

Untrained lay rescuers should do compression-only CPR; whereas, trained lay rescuers and healthcare providers (HCP) should include compressions and breathing


check pulse at carotid
compression landmarks: lower half of sternum, between nipples
compression method: heel of one hand, other hand on top
compression depth: at least 2 inches (5 cm)allow complete chest recoil after each compression
compression rate: at least 100/min compression-ventilation ratio: 30:2 (1 or 2 rescuers)
minimize interruptions in compressions; limit interruptions to <10 seconds avoid excessive ventilation


head tilt-chin (HCP suspected trauma: use jaw thrust)


ventilation with advanced airway: 1 breath every 6-8 seconds (8-10 breaths/min)
asynchronous with chest compressions
about 1 second per breath
visible chest rise


attach and use AED as soon as available
minimize interruptions in chest compressions before and after shock
resume CPR beginning with compressions immediately after each shock


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